3S ReUnion – 3rd edtion: Words and Image

三术沙龙(第三期)- 媒介的对峙

时间 time:


19:30, Nov 24, 2008

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Art Classroom, 3d floor, Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art.

Key Speeches:

1. The transformations among different media

2. The circle of Media

主题演讲:1.媒介间的转换 2.媒介的循环

Key Note Speaker: Beat Brogle, Gu Chen

演讲人:Beat Brogle, 顾辰

Beat Brogle 将通过简述17年间他所创作的作品和艺术项目,进而讨论媒介的各种关系,副标题:words and image,作为最传统的媒介成为整场演讲的引子。
Beat Brogle Swiss artist living in Berlin. His work investigates issues of morphological transformation and associations at the edge of perception. This investigation spans media as diverse as drawing, sculpture, films/video, and interactive installations. His work is shown on international Mediafestivals and Artspaces.

顾辰 从神秘性为起点,对新媒体艺术创作过程中的一些思考,围绕社会性与神秘性的处理。

Gu Chen: He will talk about the creation process of new media artwork, with the mysteriousness as the key subject.

Born in Shanghai 1978. Graduated from Fudan University with BSc degree in 2001. In 2004 graduated from Kent Institute of Art and Design with MA degree in UK. Now work and live in Shanghai China and Toronto Canada.

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Organized by Liu Yan and Aaajiao of 3S Media Center
in collaboration with Intrude366 Art&life project of Shanghai Zendai MOMA.
supported by Shanghai Zendai MOMA

三术媒体中心是一家跨艺术、设计、学术以及新媒体技术领域的非营利型独立研究开发机构。三术关注的是在城市发展中,当前新媒体技术的研发与实验与艺术,教育,社会,文化,经济和政治发展的有机结合与应用。由荷兰大同创意产业平台(www.datong.nl)和新媒体艺术网站WNMNA 合作建立运营。
About 3S Media Center:
3S Media Center is an interdisciplinary center for art, media technology and academic research based in Shanghai。An independent not-for-profit organization for experimentation, research and development in art, social and cultural, economical and political embedding of new media in the urban context. Established by Da-Tong China Desk Creative Industry and new media art portal: www.we-need-money-not-art.com

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