Generative Audiovisual Systems
Jannis Kreft: 衍生视听系统(说唱乐手Monarch与Thec)

柏林艺术大学的Jannis Kreft (aka “Dein Lieblinsgestalter”) 在视觉艺术系教授Joachim Sauter指导下提交了名为衍生视听系统(Generative Audiovisual Systems)的毕业设计。该系统借助vvvv软件激活互动装置,使说唱乐手Monarch和Thec进行现场行为表演。

电子乐惯常通过抽象画面展示,而嘻哈音乐的mv常见的形式都是booty video。Kreft打破常规,采用大量抽象画面表述嘻哈音乐,仅仅保留了美式经典嘻哈车Lowrider模型。(见左上角图示) 由于采用红外摄影机进行追踪,投射到乐手身上的影像可被装置的其他部分隔离。


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5 Responses to “Shake your code thang – generative hip hop visuals 嘻哈也能玩影音互动”

  1. a Says:

    Can someone tell me how do you think “Generative ” equals “衍生” in this case. I am confused.

  2. aaajiao Says:

    Generative Art

  3. a Says:

    Thx for the link, but doesn’t really answer my question. “Generative” is a difficult term to deal with, what I was thinking if put “衍生” here, it might mean “derivative” or something, which is not a parallel consideration to “generative”. In my point of view, derivative sort of extends the original thing, like OO programming, the subClass inherits from baseClass, and contains all features parent has but slightly evolved. In the other hand, result of “generative ” possibly has no intuitive relation to its cause, which is the human-control side(can be other sources), in one’s position, the author try best to avoid central control but de-centralization instead, just ensure the final output automatic and unpredictable(not totally, but under certain condition). As consequence , “自动产生” makes a bit more sense even though it sounds too mechanical.
    If anyone got some thoughts of this topic, please, share it.

  4. ilikesleep Says:

    generative art的本质实际上是一种evolution,所以演化艺术似乎更好些。

  5. a Says:

    Nice one! Thx, sleepy!

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